Specializing in Property Tax Processing for County Governments Since 1980

Crest Software Corporation's corporate office is located in Redding, California, approximately 220 miles north of San Francisco, at the north end of the Sacramento Valley.  Crest is proud to service multiple counties located throughout California.  Crest Software Corporation, with over 20 years of experience in county government systems and software solutions, prides itself in its abilities to provide stable, standardized software, and full support and training to its clientele.

OPTIM is a Property Tax Processing System for county governments.  Separate menus and databases are provided for the Assessor, Auditor and Tax Collector.  Data can be protected in various ways to allow access to change data only by authorized personnel.  There is also complete capability to produce Supplemental Tax Bills.  OPTIM is available in various configurations depending on the requirements of the county.  The Assessor, Auditor, Tax Collector and Supplemental Modules are available as stand-alone or fully integrated.

Crest Software applications operate in an advanced development and runtime language, which is designed to allow a single set of applications to operate on a wide range of platforms such as Windows, UNIX, and Linux.  The application language supports interfaces with industry-standard databases allowing the flexibility to choose from a variety of third party tools and utilities, and it is Web enabled.

Crest offers its clientele a list server mailing for day-to-day communication among the counties, and has active User Groups that meet as warranted throughout the year to discuss and agree upon new enhancements.  Cost sharing of requested enhancements is also a function of the User Groups.


Crest Software Corporation is the most Dynamic, Responsive, Reliable and Affordable County Property Tax Software Provider in California.

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